Friday, September 13, 2013

How to Use Garbage Disposal Wrench

Fig.2 Disposal wrench
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Flat-tipped screwdriver
Garbage disposal wrench
Nitrile gloves

George Lue had purchase a new mobile home which had all kinds of problems. He had purchased a new garbage disposal from a local plumbing company. He called my repair service when his new disposal stopped working. George stated he tried to call the person who had installed it, but they would not return his calls.

This post shows six steps to clear a garbage disposal jam.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the new garbage disposal which presently was stuck. When the wall switch was flipped on the motor just hummed.
Fig.1 Disposal stuck blades
Step 2: Unplug the garbage disposal from the electrical wall outlet. (Usually underneath the kitchen sink.) 
Step 3: Place one hand inside the disposal and seek to see if the blades are free, moving around freely. Above fig.2 shows the garbage disposal wrench.
Step 4: Fig.3 shows the bottom of the garbage disposal. Now place the wrench into the middle of the bottom hex slot of the garbage disposal. Once the wrench is in the middle, move the wrench back and forth to allow the disposal blades to free themselves. Now place your hand back into the disposal and feel each blade to see if the blades are moving freely.  It's a dirty job, use nitrile gloves which are thin enough to protect your hands, but have enough feel to see if the disposal is free. Now remove what kept the blades from moving; for example the problem could be a bone, a fruit pit, a rock and it needs to be removed.
Fig.3 Disposal center
Step 5: Fig.4 shows the garbage disposal reset switch. It's the red button on the bottom. Press it once. The switch trips off when there is a serious jam.
Fig.4 Reset switch
Step 6: Now that the blades are free, re-plug the disposal into the outlet. Turn on the water from the kitchen faucet into the garbage disposal and flip the garbage disposal switch. The garbage disposal should turn on. If it doesn't, then a new garbage disposal will be needed. This is the correct way to free a garbage disposal jam. This job is done and another happy customer. 

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