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How to Install Drapery Rods - Part 3 of 3 - Installing Bedroom, Dinning, and Living Room Rods

Fig.1 Puncture the 
plaster with a metal awl
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:  
Anchors plastic
Cordless screwdriver with Phillips tip
Drapery wall clip (comes with drapery rods)
Diagonal "Dikes" cutters
Hammer claw 
Metal awl
Tape measure

Michael works for a program called Uncommon Good that teaches students about green energy. His home is located in Upland, California, a beautiful neighborhood with mature trees in a rural setting. He had just purchased a century-old home and wanted to preserve its look. Being a principal member of Uncommon Good, he was using the house to teach others how to go green. He called my repair service to install window dressing.

This post shows fifteen steps to install drapery rods in plaster walls. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows a metal awl that is marking the holes to be punched. Using the drapery rod clip removes the guess work of where to place the rod clip holes. Fig.2 shows that the metal awl is punched into the plaster walls to widen the hole for the plastic anchor. This step will be repeated until all the holes are marked into the plaster wall. The metal awl resembles a screwdriver but has a sharp, pointed end to make a pointed circular hole into the wall. 
Fig.2 Use the awl to 
make the hole larger
Step 2: Fig.3 shows that a claw hammer is placing the plastic anchor into the plaster walls.
Fig.3 Tap in the plastic anchor
Step 3: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows that the head of the plastic anchor needs to be cut off so that the drapery hook will be flush to the wall. Fig.4 shows diagonal cutter tutting off the head of the wall anchor. Fig.5 shows the head has been cut off so the wall clip will be flush with the wall.
Fig.4 Cut the anchor head off
Fig.5 Diagonal cutters cut the anchor head 
Step 4: Fig.6 shows the drapery wall clip, this one is secured to the wall.
Drapery clip
Step 5: Fig.7 shows a drapery rod installed over the dining room window.
Fig.7 Drapery rod installed
Step 6: Fig.8 shows a bedroom window with a new drapery rod installed.
Fig.8 Bedroom
Step 7: Fig.9 shows that the curtain must be threaded through before placing the curtain rod on the rod clips.
Fig.9 Blue curtain

Step 8: Fig.10 shows the new blue curtain.
Fig.10 New Curtain
Step 9: Fig.11 shows heavier drapery rods and a rod clip with a flare end.
Fig.11 Drapery rod
Step 10: Fig.12 shows hardware, complete with metal screws, plastic anchor and the metal rod.
Fig.12 Drapery hardware
Step 11: Fig.13 cutting the hardware bag to install the new drapery rods.
Fig.13 Cutting the bag
Step 12: Fig.14 shows the drapery rod installed into the wall ready for the curtain and rod.
Fig.14 Drapery rod hook

Step 13: Fig.15 shows installing the drapery rod into the drapery hook.
Fig.15 Rod install
Step 14: Fig.16 shows drapery rod inserted into rod clip.
Fig.16 Rob secured
Step 15: Fig.17 and fig.18 shows two different draperies placed into the living room windows.
Fig.17 New curtain
Fig.18 Curtains closed
How to Install Drapery Rods:

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