Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Repair Ceiling Fan With Missing Parts

Fig.1 Auction ceiling fan
By Gary Boutin

Parts and Supplies:
Ceiling fan used parts

I was doing a job for Janis Bee who lives in Chino, California. She needed my help to install a ceiling fan she purchased at an auction. 

This post shows the seven steps to install a new ceiling fan missing the parts. 

Step 1: Above right Fig.1 shows the fan that Janis purchased at an auction. Below she had taken all the parts out of the box and realized that she was missing most of the parts needed to install the ceiling fan.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows that she tried to install the fan herself. The fan was wired correctly but the fan came with most of the parts missing and no instructions sheet.
Fig.2 Ceiling fan
Step 3: Test each common (white wires), hot (black wires) and green (ground wires) to make sure they are placed correctly into the electrical wire nut (yellow). Now quickly test so see if you have power to the fan motor. The ceiling fan was installed into the ceiling and the exterior cover was installed. 
Step 4: Fig.3 shows where the ceiling fan blades will be attached. The problem was the box did was missing all the fan blade screws. Janis still had the old ceiling fan in her trash can that she had removed earlier and replaced with new unit. Cannibalizing the fan blade screws and rubber fan gasket from the old unit and inserting them into the new fan worked perfectly. There was enough screws to install all four blades. The old screws were dull bronze in color but they had a slip washer and worked fine for securing the blades.
Fig.3 Missing fan blade screws
Step 5: Fig.4 shows the blades are now secured. Later Janis was going to paint the bronze screws with white fingernail polish and it should work since fingernail polish is made with lacquer.
Fig.4 Fan blade screws installed
Step 6: Fig.5 shows the control switch pull for the lamp. These chains was also missing from this box. Janis purchased this white pull at The Home Depot for a few dollars.
Fig.5 Switch pull
Step 7: Fig.6 shows the ceiling fan is complete and works fine. This job is finished.
Fig.6 Job finished

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