Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to Repair Leaking Copper Pipe Water Damage in a Ceiling Loft

By Gary Boutin
Fiberglass tape

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless drill and Phillips bit
Ladder 6-feet
Latex primer white
Mini roller frame and mini roller
Sheetrock 1-5/8 coarse screws
Wall tape

A young couple saw my add in the PennySaver in San Bernardino County. Carl and I went and gave an estimate for repairing the ceiling inside a kitchen loft. The copper pipe needed to be repaired, we bid it but the customer had a plumber in his family that repaired the leaky copper pipe. We picked up our supplies and fixed this job together.

This post shows the ten steps to repairing a ceiling leak inside a ceiling loft.

Step 1: Set up the ladder underneath the repair and fig.1 shows the copper had been repaired and the ceiling needs work.
Fig.1 Copper pipe leak

Step 2: There was a light near the ceiling damage, fig.2 show Carl dissembled the lamp to check how close the damage was to the water damage.  
Fig.2 Carl taking lamp apart
Step 3: Fig.3 shows the rough edges of the ceiling being cut straight in preparation for new wall board.
Fig.3 Trimming the edges
Step 4: Fig.4 shows the installation of the ceiling supports being placed on both sides of the ceiling damage to hold the new wall board. 
Step 5: Fig.5 shows below left, Carl is trimming the ceiling wall board piece.
Fig.4 Trimming
Fig.5 New wall piece
Step 6: Fig.6 shows the handyman starting to place the new wall board into the damage ceiling.
Step 7: Fig.7 shows Carl is screwing the wall board into the ceiling supports with sheetrock 1 5/8 coarse screws.
Fig.6 Installing piece
Fig.7 Carl here is using 
sheet rock screws
Step 8: Not shown, mud was applied the ceiling and wall board edges in one smooth coating.
Step 9: Once the mud coating was dried, the area was dry sanded and texture was applied. 
Step 10: The ceiling was coated with one coat of latex white primer, the customer had someone else paint the ceiling. The job being done and now the young couple are out looking for their next flip home. Carl and I learned that some job can be rewarding when two good partners work together in God's glory.

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