Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Maintain Cherry Bar Stools

Fig.1 Bar stool
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Allen wrench
Needle nose pliers 

Mrs. H lives in Hollywood, California. Today, she called because her kitchen bar stools needed maintenance. The bar stools seemed to be listing when sat upon. Are the legs to short or loose?

This post shows the seven steps on how to tightened one pair of bar stools.

Step 1: Above fig.l shows a bar stool, determine what is wrong with the bar stool. The stool legs and the rungs were loose. What kind of screws are being used? This stool needed an Allen wrench to tighten all eight screws. 
Step 2: Take the bar stool and move it to ta flat surface, a table or even the floor will work fine. 
Step 3: Fig.2 shows a kitchen counter was used to work on the stools.

Fig.2 Upside down

Step 4: Fig.3 shows below a bar stool that had a Safety Checklist underneath the seat with a detailed description of how to use the stool. Once read it explained the way not to use the stool. 
Fig.3 Safety Directions
Step 5: Fig.4 shows the bar stool leg screws were loose from the wood leg guard. These loose screws allowed the legs to be stable but this time someone climbing on them could have hurt themselves.
Fig.4 Allen screw
Step 6: Fig.5 shows a single Allen wrench that will be used to tightened the four leg screws.
Fig.6 Allen wrench 
tightened Allen screw
Step 7: Fig.6 shows the Allen wrench is used to  tightened the screws on each leg. This was done four time because there are four legs at the base of the seat and four times on the two rungs. 

Step 8: There are two rungs on each stool. The rungs are located below the seat near the floor. They help keep the legs in their place. Each rung was tightened using the Allen Wrench. Fig.7 shows Needle Nose Pliers being used to remove all the wood plugs. These wood plugs hides the Allen screw that supports the bar stool leg.

Step 9: Fig.8 shows the rung being tightened using a Allen wrench kit with handle for more torque.

Step 10: Fig.9 shows that the wood plug were put back into the screw holes.

Step 11: There were two stools in her kitchen, this post shows only one bar stool being maintained but both stools were repaired. Now she can use her kitchen stools with any worry that friends and family can fall off the stools.   
Step 12: Fig.10 shows the reason why the kitchen stools need to be secured. Below a good friend is working in the kitchen standing on the bar stool now safe.

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