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How to Caulk Used Bathroom Sink

Angel Fish
Angel Fish
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
A love for aquarium Angelfish
Manual caulking gun
Nitrile gloves (blue)
White silicone tube

Mrs. Angelfish had the largest aquarium on the block. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the Fresh Water Angelfish is scientifically named Pterophyllum scalare. Her aquarium was filled with many varieties, such as the Altum Angelfish or Deep Angelfish, teardrop angelfish, leopold's angelfish, dwarf angelfish, or Roman-nosed angelfish. For more information on fresh water angelfish please click the scientific name above. Mrs. Angelfish is an environmentalist so when she purchased s used sink, she had a plumber replace the faucet. What she needed was someone to caulk her sink.

This post shows the six steps on how to caulk a used bathroom sink. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows a caulking gun. Place a new silicone tube into the caulking gun. Fig.2 shows the silicone tubes available at your local hardware store. 
Fig.1 Caulk Gun
Fig.2 Tubes
Step 2: This sink is a bottom install, and it needs to be caulked between the sink and the counter top. Fig.3 shows the tip of the caulking tube is moved around the top of the sink and around the vanity counter top.
Step 3: Fig.4 below shows that there are gaps in the caulking. To fix this the caulking tube tip needs to be moved around the entire perimeter of the sink thus filling the gaps. 
Step 4: Next push the silicone with your fingers into the cracks thus sealing the area. 

Note: Use white silicone instead of latex caulking because it lasts longer and will not crack like latex caulking. It is much harder to use the silicone caulking than latex but the overall effect is better for areas that are used everyday.  
Fig.3 Calking tip releasing caulking
Fig.4 push silicone bead
Step 5: Fig.5 and fig.6 shows the sink has not gaps and the edge around the sink and counter top is smooth. Use nitrile gloves on your hands before applying the silicone to the sink area, because it far easier to remove the gloves off your hands than it is to remove the silicone.

Fig.5 Remove all gaps

Fig.6 Use mirror to make sure 
all gaps are filled 
with silicone caulking
Step 6: Fig.7 shows the sink is finally caulked and the job is finished. The angelfish clip art top right was obtain from Squidoo category fish clip art. An incredible web site that shows children how to draw fish.
Fig.7 Job done

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