Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to Clean Round Clear Glass Globes On Chome Fixture

Lamp fixture 
without any bulbs
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools: 
Dry towels, several wet and several dry
Feather duster 

Denis Jone called and wanted us to join in the cleaning party.  The Jone's were having an early spring clean-up in February, their motto was "Always do today what you can avoid tomorrow?" 

This post shows the ten steps to clean, polish your clear glass gloves in your wall fixture. 

Step 1: If you have two people work as a team one person to remove the lamps and replace the bulbs from the wall fixture and the second person to clean and polish each bulb. If you are alone the process takes longer because you will be doing both jobs. 
Step 2: Start by using a kitchen ladder and place above the lamp that needs the bulbs cleaned. This job was done with a helper. 
Step 3: First turn off the power, or turn off the lamp at the wall switch. 
Step 4: Fig.2 shows that each lamp bulb needs to be removed and place them on a dry towel. The first bulb is being removed. Fig.3 shows the dust on the clear glass globes.
Fig.2 Remove
Fig.3: The dusty 
glass globe
Step 5: Fig.4 shows the second bulb is removed and continue until all the bulbs are on the towel.
Fig.4 Use your fingers
Step 6: Fig.5 shows all the glass globes have been removed. 
Step 7: Next use a towel to keep the glass globes from rolling off the vanity until they are ready to be cleaned.
Fig.5 Globes
Step 8: Now use a soapy sponge and wash each bulb with water.
Step 9: Rinse each bulb with another clean cloth.
Step 10: Now polish each bulb with a clean dry cloth until the job is done.
Step 11: The glass globes have been removed and now its time to clean up the fixture. Fig.6 shows the fixture with no bulbs and Fig.7 shows a blue towel is used to polish the lamp fixture. 

Note: Do not polish inside the lamp cups, there is no need to clean this area, the bulbs will be there, if you have dust, use a vacuum cleaner or a duster to remove the excess.
Fig.6 All empty
Fig.7 Remove dust
Step 12: The next step is to clean the glass globes, clean the clear glass only , do not clean the copper threaded piece. That part needs to stay dry. Do not immerse the glass globes. Cleaning the glass gloves removes the dust off the bulbs, next polish them with a clean dry cotton cloth. Fig.8 and Fig.9 shows the clear glass globes are clean and polished and will let the light out without any dust shadows.
Fig.8 Polish glass
Fig.9 Clean globe
Step 13: Fig.10 shows the clear glass gloves and chrome fixture are ready for company. Now the Jone's can have a real party with their friends.
Fig.10 All done

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