Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to Rewire a Lamp Part 1 of 2 - Taking Apart the Lamp

Fig.1 Westinghouse 
Make-A-Lamp Kit
By Gary Boutin

Tools and supplies 
Flat head screwdriver
Lamp kit
Electrical tape

I inherited this lamp from my mother. The lamp is about 15 years old and it doesn't match anything in the bedroom. But it's special to me and worth saving.

This post shows the eleven steps on how to take apart a lamp.

Step 1: This Westinghouse Make-A-Lamp Kit that contains everything needed to rewire a lamp. This lamp kit was purchased from The Home Depot. Fig.2 shows the lamp kit repair logo.
Make-A-Lamp Kit
Step 2: Fig.3 show the lamp interior, the bulb base rotated and the electrical cord was twisted inside the lamp. Remove the finial (white porcelain screw) to release the lamp shade. Fig.4 shows a lamp harp that holds up the white shade and white porcelain finial ball. Squeeze both sides of the lamp harp and pull up the harp sleeves to remove it from the lamp body. Harp Sleeves are located at the bottom of the harp.
Fig.3 Finial porcelain ball
Fig.4 Harp
Step 3: Fig.5 shows this old damaged brass lamp socket comes with a decorative key to turn the lamp on or off. The decorative white plastic below the lamp socket will be removed and not reused.
Fig.5 Brass lamp socket
Step 4: Fig.6 shows the lamp socket seal needed to be cut to remove the top part of the socket. The brass arms coming on the sides are the harp base that is attached to the neck of the lamp. Fig.7 shows that the lamp socket was pulled from the lamp showing an inner cardboard sleeve.
Fig.6 Lamp socket seal
Fig.7 Lamp socket 
has two layers
Step 5: Fig.8 and fig.9 shows that once the exterior brass covering has been removed, the electrical wire has been attached by two screws. Using a flat head screwdriver turn counterclockwise to unscrew the metal screws releasing the electrical wires.  

Note: As a safety measure the electrical cable has a knot to prevent the electrical cord from being pulled out of the lamp socket.
Fig.8 Electrical Leads
Fig.9 Wire knot
Step 6: Fig.10 shows that underneath the lamp socket is a wire knot needed to be removed to get the wires out of the lamp. Fig.11 shows the old lamp socket ready for the trash can.
Fig.10 Remove wires
Fig.11 Internal lamp socket
Step 7: Fig.12 shows the twisted electrical cord still inside the lamp.
Fig.12 Twisted cord
Step 8: Fig.13 shows remove the electrical leads. Remove the lamp wire by pulling from the bottom of the lamp. Fig.14 shows the bottom of the lamp, next peel of the cardboard exposing the lamp cord.
Fig.13 Electrical cord
Fig.14 Peeling cardboard
Step 9: Fig.15 shows the bottom of the lamp socket that has an internal threads attached to the lamp neck. Fig.16 shows the lamp post with male threads (external threads). Take apart the lamp neck by unscrewing the brass screw above the white decorative neck.
Fig.15 lamp neck/harp bottom
Fig.16 External neck
Step 10: Fig.17 shows the vase cap with a cork washer and fig.18 shows the porcelain lamp base.
Fig.17 Vase Cap with 
cork washer
Fig.18 Porcelain Lamp Base
Step 11: Fig.19 shows a side view of the porcelain lamp base.
Fig.19 Side of lamp

How to Rewire a Lamp

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