Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Repair an Aging Patio Umbrella

Fig.1 Pocket tear
By Gary Boutin

Tools and supplies:
Pliers or Vicegrips pliers
Steal (carbon spring) wire
Umbrella Stand

This umbrella belong to someone else in our community. The tenets were going to throw it in the trash. I picked it up and brought it to my patio and did some emergency repair on the aging patio cover and frame.
Fig.2 Pulled off rib

This post shows the nine steps to repair the umbrella. It's a way to make this umbrella last a little longer and shade my dog from the hot summer heat in Chino, California. 

Step 1: Fig.1 and fig.2 shows the weaknesses of this aging cotton top umbrella.
Step 2: Click below for the parts names and description of an umbrella.  "How to repair an umbrella."
Step 3: The wire was purchase at The Home Depot. Place the fabric on top of the umbrella ribs and place the ribs into the pockets.
Step 4: Use steel (carbon spring steel) wire and wrap the wire first on the outside and move the wire ends and make it tight on the inside.
Fig.3 Fabric on 
top of the pockets
Notice:  The X at the bottom now twist these two wires together.

Step 5: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the steel wire start on the outside and is brought in and twisted on the inside.
Fig.4 Wire Start

Fig.5 Twist the wires
Step 6: Fig.6 and fig.7 shows the use of pliers to twist the wire.
Fig.6 Twist wire tight
Fig.7 Use pliers and Twist
Step 7: Fig.8 Now fold the wire along the umbrella rib.
Fig.8 After pliers 
push under rib
Step 8: Fig.9 shows the base of the umbrella stand.
Fig.9 The stand

Step 9: Fig.10 job finished all the ribs have been strung with wire and now the umbrella is usable again.
Fig.10 Finished

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