Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to Use the Magic Eraser S-Pattern to Clean a Garage Metal Door

By Gary Boutin
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ®

Tools and Supplies:
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser®
Dry clean towels

It's springtime and it's time to clean up our home and enjoy the summer ahead. It's the perfect eraser sponge to give us the edge we need to get things clean. This post is being written because there be an many request to have more post about the use of the Magic Eraser®. If you like a coupon click here and get them directly from the manufacturer.

This is a post shows the ten steps on the process of how to clean a metal garage side door.

The plan; clean both side of the door and the edge wet with soap and water. Then start at the top of the door and work in an S-pattern make your way down the door using a sponge and soap. When one side is cleaned and done continue to the other side. If there are difficult scuff mark then use a Magic Erasers® to remove any dirt, smudge or oily residue.  

Step 1. Top right picture shows a Magic Erasers® carton purchased from a local Sam's Club. Sam's Club offers a variety pack of 9-white erasers
Step 2: Fig.1 through fig.3 shows both sides of the garage door that needs cleaning. Usually the use of scour powder and a regular sponge is used to wire around the locks on both sides. Sometimes there are marks that can't be removed and then it takes longer to get the door clean.
Fig.1 Garage door
Fig.2 Kitchen side door
Fig.3 Garage side door
Step 3.  Start with the dirty area, in this case the frame around the door. Below Fig.4 through fig.6 shows that the wood frame was being cleaned by a Magic Erasers®.
Fig.4 Wiping the door frame sides
Fig.5 Some marks around the door frame
Fig.6 New Magic Erasers® cleaning the fame
Step 4.  Fig.7 and fig.8 shows the new Magic Erasers® removing left over dirt and polishing the area around the garage side of the door.

Fig.7 Cleaning outside of door
Fig.8 Cleaning around kitchen side of door
Step 5. Fig.9 and fig.10 shows the hinge side of the door. Notice that the Magic Erasers® cleaned this side of the door frame. 
Fig.9 Door frame cleaned
Fig.10 Lock side cleaned
Step 6.  Fig.11 shows a close up of the wood frame. Fig.12 and fig.13 shows the edge of the door being cleaned and polished by the Magic Erasers®.
Fig.11 Clean and shined door frame
Fig.12 clean by door latch
Fig.13 clean by dead bolt

Step 7. Fig.14 shows a clean and polish white door edge. Fig.15 shows that the entire door is clean and ready for use.
Fig.14 Door edge cleaned
Fig.15 Door cleaned

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