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How to Install Plastic Outer Corner Gutter

Fig.1 The job
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Circular saw 5 1/4 inch blade
Caulking gun, Caulking latex
Cordless screwdrivers

Knife flat
BEHR Premium Plus Ultra
Fig.2 Finished 
gutter system
Paint brush
Propane tank with striker
Screws 4-inch
Tape measure
Wood block 2x6 Douglas Fir

Wood glue 

Amerimax Home Products Supplies:  

Traditional Vinyl Gutter 10 ft. Brown
Vinyl K-Style Joiner 10 ft. Brown
Vinyl Hidden Hangar Brown
Outside corner Brown  
Downspout plastic clips Brown 
Drop outlet 2 in. x 3 in. Brown 
Vinyl Gutter gutter silicone - Clear

Mr. Jones had done most of the job of installing Amerimax Home Products vinyl gutters that he purchased from The Home Depot. He had pulled his back on the final corner and was not able to finish the job. He hired my service to finish the work. Fig.1 above shows the work that needs to be done and it's the last corner before the job was finished. Fig.2 shows the work that was done and fig.3 shows a side view that the gutter need to be cut and fitted into the outer corner. But the real problem was Mr. Jones wanted gutter placed on a side of the house that gutters are not placed. His reasoning was that when it rained a sheet of water fell over that side of the roof.

This post shows the seven steps on how the outer corner was installed and how we solved the problem of having two different heights. The roof was not the same heights as the garage roof line. Thus we could not attach them together. A drop outlet was installed on the higher gutter so when the rain water flows off the roof it could be contained inside the vinyl gutter system. 

Step 1: Cutting the gutter to fit the outer corner and fig.4 shows the side of the house that will need to have a gutter placed. 
Fig.3 Side view of 
corners repair
Fig.4 Two different 
roof fascia
Step 2: Fig.5 shows how the gutter ends was cut to fit the new outer corner. Use a hot knife and push the knife through the plastic gutter. 
Fig.5 Hot knife

Step 3: Outside corner installed. Fig.6 shows the outside corner is being adjusted. Fig.7 shows the dry fit of the outside corner into the existing gutter. Fig.8 shows that a tape measure was used to measure the edge to finish the job. After the gutter was cut, insert the outside corner in place and use deck screws to place it against the existing wood fascia. Once the corner is inserted measure the next part of the gutter and install it. Fig.9 shows to use brown plastic joins to secure the ends. Once the piece is correct place use clear silicone inside the corner.
Fig.6 fitting corner 
with joins
Fig.7 Corner being inserted
Fig.8 Last gutter piece 
Fig.9 Corner being 
supported with joiner
Step 4: Wood edge attached to roof fascia. Fig.10 through fig.12 shows the making of an wood support to help hold the gutter system. Fig.11 and fig.12 shows the triangular edge was cut using a circular saw from a 2x6 Douglas Fir and glued to the existing fascia edge. Holes were drilled into the wood support to house four metal 4-inch screws into the edge of the support piece. A cordless screwdriver was used to insert the screws into the support piece.
Fig.10 Measured
Fig.11 Measure triangle
Fig.12 Cut the piece
Step 5: Wood roof edge painted brown. Fig.13 through fig.15 shows the support will be behind the vinyl gutter and thus needed to be painted. Using a paint brush we chose BEHR Premium Plus Ultra to protect the wood piece behind the gutter. The paint doesn't match but it wont be seen behind the gutter.
Fig.13 Prime 
and paint brown
Fig.14 Insert metal screws
Fig.15 Paint the inside too

Step 6: Fig.16 through fig.18 shows the gutter was cut and placed into the downspout. This was not level because it would go over the top of the existing garage gutter. Fig.18 shows the gutter is being measured past the downspout to add additional gutter to the end. Use a cordless drivers to insert screws from the gutter into the wood fascia.
Step 7: Job is done. After a dry fit of all the components all the parts were secured using a caulking gun with clear silicone adhesive. Fig.19 shows the end result. Not perfect but workable. Plus that what the client wanted.
Fig.19 Downspout over 
existing gutter

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