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How to Service a Ford F150 Truck Battery Terminals - Part 2 of 2 - Distilled Water

Fig.1 Ford F150 Truck
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Acid or Chemical gloves 
Anti-corrosion discs (heavy with petroleum jelly)
Chip brush (inexpensive brush)
Clean shop rags or shop paper towels
Distilled water 
Pry-bar or Flat tipped screwdriver
Safety glasses

Mrs. H home is located in Hollywood, California. Today, She called about working on her stranded Ford F150 truck. This is a simple job of cleaning up the battery and getting her truck back home. This post can be used on any battery. Most car batteries are maintenance free. But that does not mean there no maintenance to the battery. This post can be applied to any battery in a truck or an automobile.

This post shows the eight steps to fill each battery cell with distilled water.

Step 1: At this point both terminal and post are clean, put away the baking soda. This needs to be done because if the baking soda falls into the acid holes it may destroy the battery. It will definitely kill the cell the baking soda goes into. Then the battery is gone and it is time for a new battery.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the pry-bar was used to remove battery caps/vents. Battery covers a placed on the battery very tight to prevent any sulfuric acid from leaking out.

Fig.2 Prying acid cover
Tip: A flat screwdriver can also be used to remove the acid cover.

Step 3: Fig.3 shows that the battery if it needs it should use distilled water. Regular tap water had impurities that will damage the battery. If distilled water is unavailable use bottle drinking water.
Fig.3 Distilled water
Step 4: Fig.4 shows a paper towel is used to dry the top of the battery.A clean lit free cloth can also be used to wipe dry the battery. Use a shop paper tower these paper towels are thicker for this kind of work.
Fig.4 Dry the battery
Step 5: Fig.5 shows the acid/vent cover needs to be replaced back on the battery. Place it over the holes and push downwards to install the cover.
Fig.5 Acid cover
Step 6: Now place the battery terminals on the battery posts. Reconnect the terminals to the battery, place the positive cable first and the negative cable last. Fig.16 shows to use the same wrench 5/16  (8 mm) to tightened the nut on each post. 
Fig.6 Open-end 
wrench 5/16 (8 mm)
Step 7: Fig.7 show the battery terminals are back on the battery post.
Fig.7 Terminal Post
Step 8: Fig.8 now secure the battery to the body of the truck. Some batteries have a bar in the middle of the battery to prevent it from tipping over. This truck battery was held by its sides.

Fig.8 Battery Clamp both sides

Tip: A box end screwdriver can make this job easier

Step 8: Fig.19 shows this job is finished, after the battery was maintained, use the truck key, and turn on the ignition key, and this truck started on the first try.
Fig.9 Battery 
Maintenance Finished

How to Service a Ford F150 Truck Battery Terminals:

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