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How to Install an Munchkin™ Auto-Close Metal Gate

This Munchkin™  Auto-Close Metal Gate was purchased at a pet warehouse store.
Fig.1 Munchkin™
Auto-Close Metal Gate
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies: 
Auto Close Metal Gate By Munchkin™
Cordless Screwdriver with Phillip Bit
Measurement tape

A friend in our condominium complex wanted a new dog door installed in her kitchen. She purchased Auto Close Metal Gate By Munchkin™ at our local pet warehouse store. She wanted to keep her Miniature Schnauzer out of the dog food. Both of them had a realized how easy the door to the pantry was to open. All they had to do was press with their paws to open the door. Then they could eat all day while their master was doing errands.

This post shows the six steps for installed a Munchkin™ Auto Close Metal Gate.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the Auto Close Metal Gate by Munchkin. This gate works very well to keep little children and very smart dogs out of the kitchen. Fig.2 shows the gate has a supply list and all the parts were in the box and easy to identify. Fig.3 shows the gate has many templates
These are the parts needed to install the Munchkin™ Auto-Close Metal Gate
Fig.2 The parts
This gate has several templates for the installation process.
Fig.3 Gate Templates
Step 2:  Templates: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows installation templates, that help in the installing of this gate.
This is a sample  of the templates that shows were to install the hinges
Fig.4 Templates
This is the template and the door hinge template
Step 3: Fig.6 shows one of the preformed latch/hinge that will hold the gate in place. Fig.7 through fig.9 shows the pads with double stick tape on each closing pads for the latch side of the gate. This protects the kitchen wall.

This is a hinge that has been installed for the gate
This shows two latch pads for the gate
Fig.7 Wall pads
Each latch pad has tape that can be applied to the wall
Fig.8 Double tape
To remove the protective film peel it off the pad and apply it to the wall
Fig.9 Peel to apply to wall
Step 4: Installation: Fig.10 shows the location of the bottom latch, fig.11 shows the top latch and fig.12 shows how each hole was drilled for the metal screws.
This pad is installed on the bottom of the kitchen floor wall
To make sure the pad is secure press the pad against the wall
If a pilot hole is drilled then the wall will not get damaged.
Step 5: Fig.13 shows that the closing pad can be adjusted with a special wrench. Keep this wrench handy it help to keep the gate level. Fig.14 shows a level was used to make sure the gate was level. Fig.15 shows the hinge side of the gate is completely installed.
Use this special gate wrench to adjust the gate
Fig.13 Wrench adjustment
This gate is being leveled
Fig.14 Leveling gate
This gate hinge side is ready to be used.
Fig.15 Hinge side
Step 6: Fig.16 shows the game is fully installed and ready to be tested by Miniature Schnauzers. We went outside and tested the gate and the dogs were still in the hallway waiting patiently to get to the kitchen area. This job is finished. The installation time was less than thirty minutes.
This gate is finished and ready to be checked out by the dogs.
Fig.16 Completed gate

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