Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Assemble a Tile Table

Fig.1 Tile Table
By Gary Boutin                     

Tools and Supplies:
Cleaning brush 
Lime Away™
Soap and water

Joe S. had purchase a tile table from a local charity. It was loaded with white calcium and dirt. He wanted this table to be on the patio. He needed help solving this problem. He called my repair service. 

This post shows the three steps to clean and assemble the tile table.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the table now cleaned from the dirt and calcium. Fig.2 shows Lime Away™ was used to remove the calcium from the tile. A hard brush with soap removed the dirt from metal edges of the table. Fig.3 shows that the clean table tile ready to go back on the table.
Fig.2 Clean table edges
Fig.3 Cleaned tiles
Step 2: The assembly: Fig.4 through fig.7 show each tile of the table place one at a time on the metal table frame. Some grinding was used because some tile would not fit the metal table edges.
Fig.4 First tile
Fig.5 Second Tile
Fig.6 Third tile
Fig.7 Final  tile
Step 3: Fig.8 shows the finished table which is ready to use.
Fig.8 Table ready

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