Monday, October 3, 2016

How to Clean and Repair a Front Patio Lamp

This is one of the patio lamps that need cleaning
Fig.1 Patio Lamp
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Electrician screwdriver flat tipped
Paint brush  
Phillip screwdriver
Vacuum cleaner 

I was called by a client in Santa Clarita, California. They were selling their home and moving to Colorado. After the Realtor checked each room of their beautiful home, she requested a huge laundry list of repairs that needed to be addressed immediately. This job was to clean up all the outside front yard deck lamps.

This post shows the seven steps to repairing and cleaning the lamps. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the lamp that needs to be cleaned. Fig.2 shows the lamp shade was removed.
Next remove the lamp shade
Fig.2 Lamp removed

Step 2: Fig.3 shows the lamp shade was removed for cleaning. This lamp should be washed using dish soap in the laundry or kitchen sink and dried using a lint free cloth. Fig.4 shows the lamp bulb was removed and will be replaced with a fluorescent bulb to save electrical energy.

the lamp shade was removed for cleaning
Fig.3 Wash lamp
Now remove the 25 watt lamp bulb
Fig.4 Remove lamp
Step 3: This is the only repairing that done on these lamps. First turn off the power. Fig.5 shows this lamp socket was loose. Fig.6 shows that to solve this problem, use a electrician screwdriver to tighten the silver screws in the socket.
The silver lamp socket screws were loose
Fig.5 Silver screws
Tip: The rubber gasket around the butt of the electrician screwdriver helps against electrical shock should it occur.. Of course you should not touch the metal of the screwdriver that would defeat the purpose of using this screwdriver. Below this screwdrivers is a Klein tool.
Use an Electrician screwdriver to tighten these silver screws
Fig.6 Electrician screwdriver
Step 4: Fig.7 show the lamp shade collar cap which surrounds the white lamp socket and holds the glass lamp shade. This collar cap house the glass lamp shade and allows bugs and flies to die inside the lamp shade collar cap. The lamp heat attracts the bugs and they die inside the glass lamp shade collar. These dried bugs could be a fire hazard and must be cleaned up regularly. Just add it to your home maintenance program. Fig.8 and fig.9 shows a paint brush is used to removed the stuck on bugs. Fig.10 shows the vacuumed collar cap ready for the clean lamp shade.

These dead bugs can be a fire hazzard so remove them
Fig.7 Collar cap
Use a paint brush to remove the stuck on bugs.
Fig.8 Brush removed bugs
Use a stiff brush to scrape the bugs out
Fig.9 Stuck on bugs
Use a vacuum to remove the bugs out of the lamp
Fig.10 Vacuum out
Step 5: Fig.11 and fig.12 shows the glass is removed to be cleaned. The glass pane will slide upward to be removed and the reverse to place back into the lamp.
Slide the lamp glass upwards to remove from the lamp
Fig.11 Remove the glass
Insert the clean glass pane
Fig.12 Reinstall glass

Step 6: Turn the power back on. Fig.13 shows a fluorescent bulb is now installed. Fig.14 shows the lamp shade has been placed back on the lamp collar. Fig.15 shows the lamp is in working condition  for the front entry way.
To save electrical power use a fluorescent lamp
Now insert the glass shade
This lamp is cleaned and finished
Step 7: Fig.16 shows both lamp that have been cleaned and have been turned by light sensors.

Both lamps are cleaned and have been turned on
Fig.16 Job finished

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