Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to Save a Coffee Pot Burner Element Tray

This is the Black and Decker™ Coffee element tray that has peeling paint
Fig.1 The Damage
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
blue nitrile gloves
painter's tape and paper
Sandpaper 60 grit
Soap, sponge and  water
Rust-Oleum™  12 oz. Black Satin High Heat Spray Paint

We received a Black and Decker™ coffee pot coupon from Kohl™. The coffee maker occasionally would fold the paper filter from the drip chamber and then water would flow over the filter. This clogged the coffee drip basket and flooded a mixture of water and coffee grounds over the glass carafe. It usually made a giant mess and the coffee in the carafe was full of coffee grounds. The secondary problem was that liquids would burn underneath the glass carafe and the heater element. This eventually caused the heater element paint to peal and lift from its heating element tray.  

This post shows the six steps to save the coffee maker for another three months giving us time to purchase for a new coffee maker. 

Step 1: Identify the problem. In this project it was easy to spot the problem. Fig.1 shows the element tray was damaged from cooking coffee and the glass carafe.  
Step 2: Fig.2 and fig.3 shows the peeling paint. Another clue was that occasionally the coffee tray would smell like burnt coffee pot.
Fig.2 Chipping paint
This picture shows the damage through the coffee carafe
Fig.3 Damage
through carafe
Step 3: Turn Off the Power. Fig.4 and fig.5 shows to unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.

 *****Unplug the coffee maker*****
Unplug the electrical power from the outlet
Fig.4 Coffee Maker
plug in the
electrical outlet
Fig.5 Unplug from
electrical outlet

Step 4: Fig.6 shows a blue nitrile gloves can be worn to protect your hands. Now, clean the element tray with soap and water. Fig.7 and fig.8 shows the sandpaper grit 30 and 150 that will be used to sand the element tray smooth. The reason is to remove the bumps in the paint and then the element try can be painted. Now apply painter's tape and paper and cover the plastic areas around the element tray. Now use spray paint to cover the damaged area.

Fig.6 Nitrile gloves
Fig.7 Sandpaper 30 grit
Fig.8 Sandpaper 150 grit
Step 5: Fig.9 shows Rust-Oleum™ 12 oz. Black Satin High Heat Spray Paint. This is the spray paint that should be used whenever there is heat involved. This paint is made specifically for heated surfaces such has an coffee element tray. This can was purchase at The Home Depot in the paint department.

12 oz. Black 
Satin Heat
Spray Paint
Step 6: This is the goal. Fig.10 shows that this coffee element tray is completely smooth. This tray was sprayed at least 5-times to get a a smooth paint layer. Fig.11 shows the coffee maker is ready for its next post of drip coffee.
Fig.10 This is the goal
Fig.11 Ready for Coffee

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