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How to Create and Install Xenon Pucks into a Bedroom Light Tier - Part 6 of 8 - Cutting the Xenon Plug Hole

Fig.1 Commercial 
Xenon Lamp Kit
By Gary Boutin 

Supplies and Tools:
#8 Wood screws 
18-Volt Ryobi Cordless Phillip Screwdriver
Claw hammer (small)
Commercial Electric® 3 Light Xenon Task Kit
Electrical tape (black)
Galvanized flat sheet metal (36 in by 48 in)
Jewelers Precision Screwdriver Set
Marking pen (any color)
Metal files
Metal Hole saw kit
Needlenose pliers
Spring clips small (green)

In 1991 we received a bed set with a light tier over the bed. It had side drawers tiers tall enough to hold over the mirror a bridge that housed 3-incandescent lights that could be dimmable from a switch within the headboard. Theses posts shows my solution. 

This post shows eight steps to installing the Commercial Electric® puck lights

Step 1:
Fig.1 and fig.2 shows the Commercial Electric® 3 Light Xenon Task and Accent Light Kit.
Fig.2 Open the Kit

Step 2: Fig.3 shows the puck Commercial Electric® Xenon® light that will be installed on the old lamp.
Fig.3 Xenon light

Step 3: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows that using a permanent marker will mark the area to be cut.
Fig.4 Marker

Fig.5 Place in the middle

Step 4: Fig.6 shows the outer edges of the Commercial Electric® Xenon® lamp makes a perfect template to cut.
Fig.6 The Template

Step 5: Fig.7 shows to place the Commercial Electric® Xenon plug into the size of the hole saw to make sure it fit correctly. Fig.8 shows the needlepoint vice grip® pliers and Ryobi cordless drill with a hole saw to cut into the base of the lamp. Fig.9 shows that using a claw hammer to knock down the sheet metal that was cut from the hole saw.
Fig.7 Puck plug

Fig.8 Cutting the lamp

Fig.9 Claw hammer

Step 6: Fig.10 and fig.11 shows the hardware screws organizer.
Fig.10 Hardware
Fig.11 Wood screws

Step 7: Fig.12 shows that using the same hole saw to cut through the sheet metal. Fig.13 and fig.14 shows the sheet metal is cut and there is enough metal to push through the metal base.
Fig.12 Sheet metal

Fig.14 Push hole through
Step 8: Fig.15 and fig.16 shows the electrical wiring plug fits through hole.

Fig.16 Lamp sealed
with electrical tape

How to Create and Install Xenon Pucks into a Bedroom Light Tier

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