Sunday, January 10, 2016

How to Install Batteries into Apothecary Company Flameless LED Candle

Fig.1 Apothecary Company
flameless LED Candle Set
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
AAA batteries (9 not included)
Flameless LED Candle Set

We received this has a Christmas present a unique flameless LED waxed candle set. The candles resemble large wax candles, the side of the candle feel like wax and the tip of the flame moves. This give the candle a real life look.

This post shows the five steps to Flameless LED Candle Set.

Step 1: Fig.1 what the remote control candle set looks like from the packing box.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows shows Apothecary Company features..
Fig.2 Apothecary 
Step 3: Fig.3 through fig.5 shows Flameless LED Candle being unpacked from its box and placed on its side. Fig.5 shows the candles were removed and only the remote control and the instructions are left in the box.
Fig.3 Unpacking the candles
Fig.4 Placing kit on  its side
Fig.5 Candles removed

Step 4: Fig.6 shows what AAA batteries we had on hand. Fig.7 shows the battery schematic diagram and the order of the AAA batteries.
Fig.6 AAA batteries
Fig.7 Candle battery 
schematic diagram
Fig.8 battery
Fig.9 Battery plate removed
Fig.10 Removed all 
battery plates
Fig.11 AAA batteries 
Fig.12 All covers placed back on
Step 5: Fig.13 through fig.15 shows remote schematics and how to replace the battery.
Fig.13 How to fix  it
Fig.14 Remote with
pink battery sheet
Fig.15 Remote removed
 battery sheet

Step 6: Fig.16 and fig.17 shows the candles can be turned on using the remote control. Fig.17 shows that the candles are working on top of our fireplace mantle.

Fig.16 Candles ready
 with remote
Note: The bottom of each candles has two setting and this unique control allows for either a four hour of candle time or with remote control if the candle needs to be turned off. If the switch is moved to the left the lamps are controlled by the hand held remote. If the switch is moved to the right the candles stay lite for four hours.
Fig.17 Candles are lit

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