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How to Create and Install Xenon Pucks into a Bedroom Light Tier - Part 5 of 8 - Making the Sheet Metal Base

Fig.1 The tools
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Aviation tin snips
Claw hammer
Galvanized flat sheet metal (36 in by 48 in)
Marking pen (any color)
Metal files (for the sharp edges)
Nail setter (to punch through the metal)
Spring green clips (small)

We received a bed set with a light tier over the bed. It had side drawers tiers tall enough to hold over the mirror a bridge that housed 3-incandescent lights that could be dimmable from a switch within the headboard. Over time the electrical wiring started to crack and was deemed unsafe. 

Now that the existing lamp provides a metal base for the lamp it still does not help attached the Xenon lamp. The lamp will need a flat base to hold the lamp in place. This post shows seven steps how the lamp was assembled on the sheet metal platform  

Step 1: Fig.1 above right shows an the furnace collar galvanized sheet metal that will be used as the foundation for the Xenon lamp. Fig.2 and fig.3 shows aviator snips cutting three round flat sheet metal discs.
Fig.2 Furnace collar
Fig.3 Aviation snips

Step 2: Fig.4 shows the one piece of sheet metal that was cut out of the sheet. Fig.5 shows all three pieces cut out and next will be to trim each piece to a complete circle.
Fig.4 Circular sheet metal
Fig.5 Cut metal circles

Step 3: Fig.6 through fig.8 shows the cutting of the circle into a complete circle. Then later sanded to prevent the metal edges from cutting the lamp cord.
Fig.6 Cut the circle
Fig.7 Galvanized metal
Fig.8 Metal circle 
light support
Step 4: Fig.9 through fig.11 shows the preparation of the lamp platform for the new lamp.
Fig.10 the green spring clamps is what will hold the sheet metal discs to the old lamp. Fig.11 shows the tools that are needed to puncture the holes in the discs. Three holes will be required to match the three holes from the former lamp.

Fig.9 Light support
Fig.10 Small spring clip
Fig.11 Punch through metal
Step 5: Fig.12 through fig.14 shows green springs clamps will hold the discs in place then flip to the top do make the permanent holes for the three #8 wood screws. Three clamps were placed on the platform
Fig.12 Turned upside 
down to place 
clamps on the base

Fig.13 Additional clamps
on each holes
Fig.14 Two clamps per hole
Step 6: Fig.15 through fig.17 shows the nail setter started to make the holes for the wood screws.
Fig.15 Holes punctured
Fig.16 Hole finished
Fig.17 Screws placed
into the holes

Step 7: Fig.18 shows the platform is ready for the lamp insertion. The next step is to cut a hole in the platform for the lamp plug, attach the lamp and check to see if it works correctly.
Fig.18 The lamp was
placed for insertion
How to Create and Install Xenon Pucks into a Bedroom Light Tier:

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