Friday, December 12, 2014

How to Set-Up Artificial Walmart™ 5 Foot Green Christmas Tree

By Gary Boutin
Fig.1 Cold weather Gear
Tree stored

Supplies and Tools: 
Walmart™ Green Christmas Tree 
Electrical cords

Its Christmas in Chino, California and time to decorate again. We purchased another green tree from Walmart™. The tree cost $10.00 on sale at our local Walmart™ store for 85% discount. This post explains each steps with pictures on how to assemble a Walmart™ 5-Ft  Green Tree. 

This post will show the nine steps to assemble these Walmart™ 5-Ft  Green Tree. 

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the brown box that holds the Walmart™ 5 Ft Green Christmas Tree located in the cold weather gear. We do not have severe cold spells in Chino, California. This year we have had more rain then the last three years. Presently the City of Chino is in a drought condition
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the trees being removed from the cold storage area.
Fig.2 Removing the trees
Step 3: Fig.3 shows the tree's assembly written direction. But some trees are more complex and it important to read the manufacturers direction.
Fig.3 Tree directions
Step 4: Fig.4 shows what the tree should look like after assembly. Fig.5 shows the key points of this tree. Fig.6 shows the easy two steps process to assemble this tree. Fig.7 shows the actual tree that will be assembled.
Fig.4 Harrison Pine

Fig.5 Tree key points
Fig.6 Easy 2-step directions
Fig.7 Boxed green tree
Step 5: Fig.8 shows how the tree feet should be installed. Fig.9 shows the wide plastic feet that will hold the tree up. Fig.10 shows one leg into is into the tree trunk. Fig.11 shows the feet are stable.
Fig.8 Printed directions
Fig.9 Tree plastic feet near tree trunk
Fig.10 One leg assembled
Fig.11 Tree stand ready
Step 6: Fig.12 and fig.13 shows the bottom tier of the tree where the square hole will be the bottom tier just above the tree legs. 
Fig.12 Bottom tier
Fig.13 Top tier

Step 7: After both tree section tiers are put together hook up the electrical wire between each tree section. Fig.14 shows the electrical wire from the top and the bottom part. Fig.15 shows the the tree branches are being pushed down to create a real look.
Fig.14 Electrical hooked-up
Fig.15 Tree branches pushed down
Step 8: Fig.16 shows the best view of this tree. Fig.17 shows a phone number that can be used if the installer has question about the assembly of this tree. Now this tree is finished and its time to decorate the outside of the patio.
Fig.16 Best view
Fig.17 Tree information
Step 9: Fig.18 shows the green tree has bells around it, and a nice red bow. Fig.19 shows the tree all lite up and ready for Christmas night.

Fig.18 Green tree trimmed

Fig.19 Lights On

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