Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Raise Christmas Tree Platform

Fig.1 Raised platform
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
2x6x3 redwood planks
Christmas tree
Measurement tape
Ducting tape

Mrs. C wanted to raise her Christmas tree upward and place a platform for her tree stand. She had purchased a tree that was eight feet tree instead of purchasing the ten foot tree she thought she had purchased.

This post shows the nine steps on how to raise the tree platform so that the presents can easily go around the tree. 

Step 1: Mrs. C. came to The Home Depot Lumber/Building Materials to solve her Christmas tree problem.
Step 2: She purchased 2x6x3 finished redwood from The Home Depot. 
Step 3: Upon receiving instructions from the Lumber/Building Materials associate, she prepared the area to receive the 10 pieces of redwood.
Step 4: She had purchased lag screws to reinforce the tree stand in hopes that the stand would prevent the tree from falling over. 
Step 5: The plan: Place two 2x6 together and sandwich the inner pieces together.
Step 6: Place the 2x6x3 planks on top of the sides.
Step 7: Tape the edges of the redwood since the customer did not want to puncture the redwood pieces.
Step 8: Place the Christmas tree on the platform. Tape the legs of the tree holder directly on the using duct tape.
Step 9: Decorate your Christmas tree. This job is finished and now the Christmas tree is taller and has room for the presents from her family. Admire your work, job done.

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