Friday, December 12, 2014

How to Set-Up Artificial Gold Christmas Tree

Fig.1 Boxed Christmas tree
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Gold 4-ft trees
Electrical cords

Its Christmas in Chino, California and time to decorate our front patio. We purchased these Gold 4-ft trees in 2009 after Christmas. Each tree cost $7.99 on sale at a local linen store for 75% discount. This post explains each steps with pictures on how this gold tree was assembled.    

This post will show the eight steps to assemble these gold Christmas trees.  

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the tree has been placed into a cardboard box for safe keeping. Fig.2 shows the three plastic feet that will become the tree base. The parts of this tree, are the three plastic feet, the gold bottom and top pieces that will need to be assemble to make the tree.
Fig.2 Green legs for gold tree
Step 2: Next, assemble the base of the tree. Insert each leg into the trunk of the tree. The trunk has three plastic grove that allow the legs to attach to the base. Fig.4 through fig.6 shows how each green plastic part is to be assembled.
Fig.4 Leg assembly
Fig.5 Trunk base and feet
Fig.6 The first leg is in
Step 3: Make sure each leg is securely in place. Fig.7 shows the tree legs in place. 
Fig.7 Tree legs in place

Step 4: Fig.8 shows the plans for the tree.
Fig.8 Directions
Step 5: Fig.9 place the top white square pin into Fig.10 the white square hole together. Fig.11 shows the tree is assembled together.
Fig.9 White center
Fig.10 top and bottom assembled
Fig.11 The tree is completely assembled.
Step 6: Fig.12 shows the installation directions and spare green lamps for the tree located at the bottom of the box. Fig.13 shows the electrical plug ready to be tested for any damaged lights.
Fig.12 Directions and spare lights
Fig.13 Electrical plug

Step 7: Fig.14 through fig.16 shows the last step is to push down the plastic bough down. So the tree is fluffed up. It must be depressed for storage but for show the bough must be pushed down.
Fig.14 Push down bough
Fig.15 Another view
Fig.16 Pushing down tree limbs
Step 8: Fig.17 shows the gold tree is finished and placed outside. This tree must be placed in a protective area away from rain or snow. Fig.18 shows the two gold trees on both sides of the front door. Fig.19 shows both trees lit up at night.

Notice: The tree lights are on, this is the time to replace any damaged lights during daylight hours.
Fig.17 Job finished
Fig.18 Day time
Fig.19 Night time

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