Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Apply an Automobile Family Stickers

Fig.1 Back window
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Dry clean rags
Glass scraper
Family stickers
Windex glass cleaner
Two pairs of hands (A friend is helpful)

Mrs. H. home is located in Hollywood, California. Today, the job was to install a family sticker on the back window of her automobile.

This post shows the eight steps to install white family stickers on a SUV back window.

Step 1: Decide where the sticker will be placed. Above fig.1 above shows the back window.
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the family sticker on the white rectangular form. Now where to put the new sticker. Looks like the sticker on the left will need to be removed.
Fig.2 Sticker position

Step 3: Fig.3 shows that the sticker was going to be removed using a flat paint scraper. The sticker was so old it took a few tries to get the plastic off the glass.
Fig.3 Scrape existing stickers
Step 4: Fig.4 and fig.5 shows the glass is cleaned of any particles left over from the last decal. Plus the glass needs to be cleaned to apply the decal.
Fig.4 Windex glass cleaner
Fig.5 Now dry with a clean rag
Step 5: Fig.6 through fig.8 shows the succession of removing the white cardboard backing before applying the decal to the window.
Fig.6 Start removing on edge
Fig.7 Gently peel the backing off
Fig.8 Now peel off the entire backing
Step 6: Fig.9 through fig.11 shows the decal is positioned on the perfect area. Then the decal is pressed flat with your hands to remove any air bubbles. Finally start peeling the final plastic layer off the white decals.
Fig.9 Positioning the decal
Fig.10 Press the decal on the window
Fig.11 Start removing the last plastic piece
Step 7: Fig.12 shows to continue to peel off the plastic top piece of the decal. Remove it completely from the white decal.

Fig.12 Removing the last plastic piece
Step 8: Fig.13 shows the final job and the family is shown through these white stickers.

Fig.13 The job is finished

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