Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Adjust a Front Door Metal Jamb on a Mobile Home

Front door
By Gary Boutin                                  

Tools and Supplies:
Blue flat pry bar
Ryobi Cordless Screwdriver 
Makita bit holder
Phillip bit

Harold called my service company to repair his front door. The door would not close properly and it listed on one side. He had just purchased a Fleetwood Eagle 28x70, 1866 sq ft, (173.3571 meters²), 4-Bedroom, 2-bath double wide mobile home. His home is on permanent foundation. He lives in a beautiful mobile home park named HollywoodBeach Mobile Home Park. 

This post shows the six steps on repairing this front door.

Step 1. Fig.1 shows the Fleetwood Eagle front door. Fig.2 shows the door is very tight at the bottom but had a wide gap at the top.
This is the door hinge that is pinching the door frame
Fig.2 Door hinges
This is the top hinge and it was tightened too
Fig.3 Inside 
door hinges
Step 2. Fig.4 shows a blue flat pry bar was used to determine if it was the metal door jamb or the door. Fig.5 shows the top of the door jamb moved easily. The top door jamb was part of the problem.

This is blue flat pry bar pushing the top door jamb up
Fig.4 Top jamb
Top door frame was moved by the blue pry bar
Fig.5 Top door jamb

Step 3. Fig.6 shows the inside dead bolt is open and pulled back for inspection. Fig.7 shows the door hardware is tightly in the door. Harold had stated that the door would not latch unless he picked up the door. The door hardware was difficult to lock. Fig.8 shows that checking the hardware proved the problem was not with the door hardware.

With the dead bolt open the hardware is pulled back for inspection
Fig.6 Pull in dead bolt
Door hardware was tightened and pulled into the door
The door latch was tighened and not part of the problem
Fig.8 Adjusted latch
Step 4. Fig.9 and fig.10 shows that both of the top and bottom door hinges have been tightened but that also did not solve the door listing.
All four Phillip screw are tightened
Fig.9 Tighten Door hinges
The bottom hinge aretightened
Fig.10 Tighten Door hinges
Step 5: Fig.11 through fig.14 shows that the entire metal door jamb needed to be tightened. Once all the screws were tightened then the door closed correctly and the door was aligned.
The inside door frame all three screw were tightened and that helped hold up the door
Fig.11 Latch side
This is the middle inside door frame screw being tightened
Fig.12 Middle latch side
The inside top door frame were all three screw were tightened
Fig.13 Top side
Lock side all three screws were tightened
Fig.14 Hinge middle
Step 6: Fig.15 show the top of the door are now level, fig.16 shows the front door has been solved.
All screw in the metal door frame were tightened and the door closed
The front door is now working and no longer sticking

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