Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to Repair iPhone 5c Li-Ion 3.8V Battery Replacement

Fig.1 Li-ion 
Battery 3.8V 1560 mAh
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Apple iPhone 5c Smartphones
Lithium-Ion Battery for -
          Apple® iPhone® 5c - Black
Sam's Club Membership

Like all technology eventually it fails and needs to be repaired. We purchased our iPhone 5c from Sam's Club during an special phone sale. The phone has been great and has handled all our needs but it was slowly needing to be charge every day and some days it might need to be charge twice. The solution was to replace the battery. At first I wanted to do this job myself but in the end we decided to have our local Sam's Club Technology Center handle the job. It took them about two hours for two phones. Watching the technicians I was happy that I didn't do it myself.

This post shows in five steps how we decided to repair our iPhone 5c. This is a review of Sam's Club Technology Staff that repaired our iPhones.

Step 1: Put in iPhone 5c battery replacement on your favorite search engine. This will help you decide what plan that needs to be chosen. Either do the work yourself or do your own repair.
Step 2: If you choose Amazon as your supplier, there are many different prices for tools available to replace the battery.  
Step 3: Fig.2 shows some of the tools that come with the replacement battery: Metal tweezers, Philips Size PH 00 x 40 screwdriver, plastic opening tool, 2-adhesive strips, spudger, suction cup,  Pentalobe (Five-Star) screwdriver.
Step 4: We decided to let the Sam's Club Technology Staff replace our batteries. The replacement batteries took one hour per phone. The price is what changed our minds on doing it yourself. Don't believe the advertisement that it takes 15 minutes to replace iPhone batteries. The technicians went to school for an entire week before repairing public phones. 
Step 5: The Sam's Club price was around twenty five dollars per phone and it came with a 90-day guaranteed. 

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