Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coax Cable Wall Plate Installation

Alligator pliers
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cable wall plate kit
Slip-join pliers
Small flat screwdriver

I was called by a Mr. Applehumber in Santa Clarita, California. They were selling their homes and moving up to Colorado. After the Realtor checked their beautiful home, she requested a huge laundry list of repairs. Jim wanted a cable plate repaired. 

This post shows the six steps on how to install a cable wall plate kit. 
Step 1: Fig.1 shows cable coming out of a wall box with no cover.
Fig.1 Cable 
and no plate
Step 2: Fig.2 shows wall plaque is the answer and will have a neat look and be ready to use.
Fig.2 Wall Plate Kit
Step 3: Take apart the package and look at the front and the back.
Step 4.
Find the rough part and twist the F-connector from the wall onto the back of the wall plate.
Step 5: Fig.3, fig.4 and fig.5 shows the progression of the cable into the wall plate.
Fig.3 Plate connector 
front view
Fig.4 Back view
Fig.5 Back view 
cable connected
Step 6. Fig.6 shows that the back is connected twist the television cable on the front of the plate.
Fig.6 Front view
Step 7. Fig.7 shows both cable are in place and the plate needs to be screwed to the junction box. The job is finished and it looks better than having the cable coming out of the cable junction box.
Fig.7 Both in the plate

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