Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Replace Kitchen Cabinet Sink Base - Part 1 of 2 - Removal

Fig.1 Wood base under kitchen sink
By Gary Boutin
Supplies and Tools:  
Dust pan
Hammer claw
Vicegrip® Pliers

Dr. Jorge Valvus a former client called about replacing his kitchen sink base cabinet shelf. He had purchased the parts but was unable to see how to replace the damage shelf. He had called several local handyman to bid the job since he was renting the home, but none would come for his price. 

There are two post for this job. This is the first post of two, that shows the seven steps and fourteen pictures on how to solve this problem.  

Step 1: Fig.1 through fig.3 above and below shows the kitchen cabinet tile and shelf damages.
Fig.2 Damaged shelf
Fig.3 Plug light shows damages
Step 2: Fig.4 shows the damages that occurred after a year of not repairing a sink leak. 
Fig.4 Pulling tile floor tiles
Step 3: Fig.5 and fig.6 show that both sides of the shelf are wet and completely rotten from lack of maintenance.
Fig.5 Garbage disposal side
Fig.6 Right side of sink
Step 4: Fig.7 shows that the removal of the kitchen base is being removed and placed into a bucket to easy removal. Fig.8 shows that small edges of the original shelf needed to be removed.
Fig.7 Remove wet boards
Fig.8 Removal process
Step 5: Fig.9 and shows the shelf has been removed but some pieces are left behind and need to be scraped off before applying the new shelf. Fig.10 shows the old nails need to be removed too before the new shelf is placed inside the cabinet.
Fig.9 Hammer the pieces off
Fig.10 Scrape the middle
Step 6: Fig.11 and fig.12 shows that all the rusted nails need to be removed from the base of the cabinet otherwise the new shelf may not be level and lay flat on the wooden base.
Fig.11 Vicegrip® pliers pulls out nails
Fig.12 Remove cabinet nails
Step 7: Fig.13 and fig.14 shows only saw dust is left and a dustpan with a wide scraper will help remove the saw dust from the kitchen floor. The next post will show the steps to place the new base cabinet shelf.
Fig.13 Dustpan and scraper
picked up mess
Fig.14 Saw dust to be removed
How to Replace a Kitchen Cabinet Sink Base:

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