Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Repair Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders

Fig.1 TP holders
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Cordless screwdriver with Phillip bit
Jewel screwdriver set
Mud knife
Wall anchor

George Wanterfu notice me planting a shrub for a friend. He stopped and we exchange small talk but finally he asked if I could do some work in his home.

This post show the nine steps on how to repair a bathroom toilet paper holder.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows the toilet paper side holders. These are made of Chrome brass handles and are of good quality. The toilet paper holders were heavy and had fallen off the wall.  
Step 2: Fig.2 shows the wall being patched with wall mud. Fig.3 shows a mud pan were the quick set is mixed. The wall mud paste needs to be similar to peanut butter in texture.
Fig.2 Fast setting dry 
joint compound
Fig.3 Using a small scraper
Mix with water
Step 3: Fig.4 through fig.6 shows the wall space being repaired with wall mud. This wall space was not near a wood stud and when it was pulled off the wall the anchor left holes in the wall to be repaired. Fig.4 shows the holes to be repaired. Fig.5 shows mud on a mud knife filling the hole, and fig.6 shows the mud knife smoothing the mud against the wall. 

Fig.4 Place on end of scraper
Fig.5 Apply to the hole
Fig.6 Smooth the patch
Step 4: Fig.7 shows the toilet paper bracket that holds the toilet paper arms.This bracket is damaged and needs to be removed and trashed. Some anchors are made of metal and some are plastic. 
Step 5: Fig.8 shows the old bracket that was pulled out of the wall. Place the wall with the edges away from the wall. Attach two screws into the bracket.
Fig.7 Remove damaged anchor
Fig.8 Center is the install plate
Step 6: Fig.9 shows the bracket that hands the toilet paper handles. It a perfect set up if the bracket are aligned on a wood stud. But most of the time the bracket will be hung by wall anchors. 
Step 7: Fig.10 shows place the arm over the bracket, make sure its placed flat against the toilet paper holder.
Fig.9 Either find a wood stud 
or use wall anchors
Fig.10 Placing the toilet paper arm
Step 8: Fig.11 shows the left toilet paper arm. Notice the screw on the bottom. The only way this screw is tightened is by using a jewel screwdriver. Once that arm is tightened against the wall bracket the arm is finished. Now do the same for the next arm.
Step 9: Fig.12 shows the toilet paper holder is attached to the wall, now the job is complete.
Fig.11 Side view of the toilet 
paper arm properly installed
Fig.12  Job done

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