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How to Install Stancion and Gutter in a Mobile Home

Fig.1 The damage
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Aluminum downspout elbow
Cordless screwdriver with hex head bit
Metal saw blade
Metal square
Paint tarp (white)
Reciprocating Saw
White down spout galvanized
White hex head screws painted heads
White stanchion galvanized white

According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; a Mobile Home is called a trailer, house trailer, static caravan, a Home that is a prefabricated and built in a factory. Then the trailer is taken to Mr. Mancini new home. Harold has called my service company for over 15 years. He lives in a beautiful mobile home park located in Hollywood, California. His home was a double-wide mobile home on permanent foundation. 

This post shows the sixteen steps to replace a garage stanchion support and downspout gutter.  

Step 1: Fig.1 above shows both the stanchion and the down spout gutter that have been bent by a car backing into the garage support. 
Step 2: The first step to to remove the stanchion support and the downspout gutter hex head screws from the top and bottom supports. Use a cordless screwdriver with an hex head bit.
Step 3:  Use a reciprocating saw with a metal saw blade and cut the downspout off the stanchion support. Once the downspout is removed the stanchion support can be removed. 
Step 4: Fig.2 shows the downspout has been removed from the roof line. The downspout was crushed from the car and when the hex head screws were removed it fell off the stanchion support assembly. Below shows the garage roof gutter plate.
Fig.2 Old 
Step 5: Use your upper body strength and push up the stanchion support off the base plate. Fig.3 shows the tube is off the roof and the aluminum base plate. These crushed pieces can be recycled or disposed to the trash can.
Fig.3 Asphalt support
Step 6: Fig.4 shows a metal square is used to mark a straight line for the cut. Use this square for both the stanchion and the downspout pieces. Do not try to gauge it yourself without a line, with the electrical saw it real easy to saw past the straight line cut an angle cut. When using a power saw, take your time and follow the line.
Fig.4 Carpentry square
Step 7: Fig.5 shows the new white stanchion and downspout was cut using a reciprocal saw with a metal saw blade. Note: Each stanchion and downspout tube come standard length of 10-foot.
Fig.5 Cutting the
Step 8: Fig.6 shows the reciprocal saw cutting the downspout tube to the correct length. Each driveway is going to have its own length.
Fig.6 Cutting 
the downspout
Step 9: Now lift the tube (stanchion support) with your upper body strength, seat the top of the tube and place the bottom of the stanchion tube over the asphalt support plate. 
Step 10: Fig.7 shows that the tube has been placed into the asphalt support mount.
Fig.7 Bolted base
Step 11: Now use a cordless screwdriver with an hex head bit to screw 2-white hex head screws in the top and bottom plate. It sounds complicated, but the mobile home garage roof is lighter, flexible and made of high quality aluminum sheets than a wood built home roof. This procedure works without using complicated metal jacks that can add to the cost of mobile home repairs.
Step 12: Use the white hex head screws with pre-drilled tips and screw them into the top and to the base plate. Some installation directions require at least two screws on each side. 
Step 13: Fig.8 shows the downspout near the stanchion tube. It's the one on the right side of floor. Pick up the downspout tube and insert it in the roof support. 
Step 14: Now use the cordless screwdriver to screw the hex head screws into the top plastic gutter and the asphalt support.
Fig.8 Downspout
Step 15: Fig.9 shows a cordless screwdriver placing the final hex head screws into the aluminum downspout elbow. The elbow releases water runoff away from the foundation of the mobile home.
Fig.9: Finishing 
downspout elbow 
Step 16: Fig.10 and fig.11 shows the final job. Fig.11 also shows vertical view of the aluminum stanchion and downspout. The bottom view of the stanchion and the downspout with the used elbow are seen below. The downspout tube will not fit inside the elbow. Notice that both the downspout and the elbow are the same diameter. To get the downspout to fit inside the elbow pinch the ends of the downspout a little bit. This will allow the downspout to reduce its size and allow the elbow to go over the elbow. 

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