Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to Paint a Mobile Home Carport Wall and Skirt

Fig.1 Paint frame 
and roller cover
By Gary Boutin                     

Tools and Supplies:
Ladder  (used near carport)
Paint (Ultra Pure White Satin Enamel Exterior Paint)
Paint can opener
Painter's paper 
Painter's tape (blue and green)
Painter's roller frame (Home Depot Orange)
Paint roller cover 9-inch
Paint stir (Plastic red)
Paint stir (free at paint counter)
Fig.2 Red Paint stir
and Paint tray
Paint tray (Home Depot white)
Tarps (Gray and Blue)

Mrs. Wow wanted to have her garage wall and mobile home skirt painted before Thanksgiving. She had invited her entire family and she had a huge list of items to repair. This post addresses only the painting of the wood paneling and the skirt. 

This post shows the four steps to paint a Mobile Home side wall and skirt.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows a paint frame and 9-inch roller cover. Fig.2 shows the a red paint stir, roller frame extension and paint tray. Fig.3 through fig.5 shows the wall and skirt areas that needed to be painted.
Fig.3 Garage wall
and skirt
Fig.4 All cable 
needed to be tied down
Fig.5 Lower skirt
Step 2: Fig.6 through fig.8 shows the data and satellite cables are secured using cable ties and nailed or screwed to the mobile home skirt. 
Fig.6 Securing cable
Fig.7 Hammering
Fig.8 Cable tie
Step 3: Fig.9  through fig.12 shows the progression of painting the mobile home skirt, and the base board on the skirt. Some areas had to be painted with a brush because the roller did not cover all the areas on the wall and the skirt.  
Fig.9 Painting the skirt
Fig.10 Painting around the air vent
Fig.11 Painting the
driveway baseboard

Fig.12 painting the top
of the driveway baseboard

Step 4: Fig.13 and fig.14 shows the wall are clean, white and finished. All ready for Mrs. Wow to have a Thanksgiving party.
Fig.13 Wall painted
Fig.14 Skirt finished

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