Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Magic Eraser® - Part 4 of 4 - Doors to Pool Grout

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® sponge
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Magic Eraser® sponge
Dry towels (dry area)

This post is the fourth set of pictures that shows what items the Magic Eraser® sponge cleaned. Please click below if your interested in any of these repair posts.

This post is the fourth post that shows nine pictures that the Magic Eraser® sponge has cleaned.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser® sponge can work on many home and industrial items, including air bake ware, aluminum surfaces, blenders, carpeting, cloth, ceramic, dishes, dishwasher surfaces, exterior surfaces, fireplaces, food covers, glass, hardboard surfaces, metal brass hinges, metal doors, microwaves, painted surfaces, pool grout, pots and pans, soft and hard plastic, painted metal surfaces, and radio controlled airplanes, rubber tires, stove range, thermometers, tools, wood beds.

The Magic Eraser® sponge was used on metal garage doors.
The Magic Eraser® sponge was used on six panel door.
The Magic Eraser® sponge completely removed acid from a back up controller with a damaged battery from a fireplace mantel.
The Magic Eraser® sponge gently removed the heat stains on the canned ceiling lamp.
The Magic Eraser® sponge used gently can remove plastic food stains from a food cover.  
The Magic Eraser® sponge cleans these two installed doors from workmen fingerprints.
The Magic Eraser® sponge cleaned plastic toilet seat and removes stains.
The Magic Eraser® sponge cleaned electrical bedroom and kitchen plastic and ceramic plates.
The Magic Eraser® sponge cleans pool grout.

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