Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Repair Fireplace Back Up Switch - Part 1 of 2 - The Damage

Battery leaking acid
By Gary Boutin

Tools and Supplies:
Baking soda box 
Dust pan and brush 
Duracell® Batteries
Drywall rags or towels
Magic Eraser® sponge
Paper towels
Toothbrush (one time use)

We placed a fireplace backup switch on this fireplace. The purpose is to provide power if the power is turned off to the home. Instead of waiting for the power to return the back up switch provides electrical power to turn on the igniter and light the gas to provide a full flame for the fireplace.

This post shows the ten steps on the process to clean the back up switch for the fireplace.

Upper right shows one Duracell® battery that has exploded. The picture on the left shows the fireplace is turned on, but the back up switch is not working. This is not the Duracell® battery fault. The back up switch worked well for over 5 years. It exploded because the battery was not replaced. Now the backup switch battery unit has a replace sticker to avoid this problem in the future.
The picture on the left shows the wall switch for the fireplace. Presently its in the ON position. Flip the switch down to turn the fireplace off, to do the repairs for the backup switch.
The picture on the left shows two Duracell® batteries that are leaking acid, into the back up switch case. The acid escaped out of the battery case and spilled into the bottom metal layer of the fireplace.
The picture on the left shows one Duracell® battery has been removed to the trash can, and one battery still is in the case.
The picture on the left shows both Duracell® batteries were removed. Now the case can be cleaned.
The picture on the left shows the fireplace certificate which is in the middle of the acid that leaked from the batteries.
The picture on the left shows that the fireplace certificate has been removed and the white acid is on top of the shelf. This has to be removed from the shelf because it poses a hazard to the electrical system.
The picture on the left shows a spoon was used to start the removal process.

The picture on the left shows the acid wall behind the fireplace certificate.
The picture on the left shows the underside of the battery case. This is the acid that will need to be removed.

How To Repair a Fireplace Back Up Switch:

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