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How to Repair Dining Room Ceiling Leak - Part 2 of 2 - Priming and Painting

Fig.1 Painter's cap
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Ladder 6 feet
Paint brush 
Paint can opener (free at The Home Depot)
Paint edger
Painter's hat
Paint roller and paint frame
Paint tray with disposable plastic insert
Painter's tarp
Primer paint (Kilz white)
Rags (pick up paint drips)
Vacuum Cleaner with Drywall bag

Mr. Johnson had called a plumber to repair a leaking copper pipe. The damaged pipe had been leaking for a long time and the entire ceiling was soggy. The local plumber punctured the ceiling just enough to repair the copper tee pipe was replaced and soldered. Mr. Johnson called my repair service to repair and paint his dining room ceiling. The catch was the job had to be done in one day because the family was leaving to New Mexico the next day.

This post shows the seven steps to prime and paint the dining room ceiling.

Step 1: Fig.1 shows a painter's hat.
Step 2: Fig.2 and fig.3 shows more tarps protecting the furniture from paint drops.
Fig.2 Cover everything
Fig.3 Cover lamps
with tarp
Step 3: Fig.4 shows Kilz primer and fig.5 shows that gloves must be worn when sanding joint compound.

Note: Kilz primer was chosen because it dries in 30 minutes.
Fig.4 Kilz 2 primer
Fig.5 Opening the 
Kilz primer
Step 4: Fig.6 and fig.7 shows the ceiling the ceiling was primed and now ready to received the semi-gloss paint.
Fig.6 paint tray 
with wall edger
Fig.7 shows the ceiling 
is flat and ready for texture

Step 5: Fig.8 and fig.9 shows the ceiling being painted with semi-gloss paint. The paint was provided by the customer.
Fig.8 rolling the ceiling
Fig.9 Semi-Gloss paint

Step 6: Fig.10 shows the ceiling is finished and there is no sign of any damage on the ceiling.
Fig.10 Ceiling painted
Step 7: Fig.11 shows the last job is to clean up all the dust from the tarps and floor areas using a shop vac vacuum cleaner with floor brush. Now that the job is finished the Johnson family can go on their vacation.
Fig.11 Vacuum cleaner

How To Repair a Dining Room Ceiling Leak:

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