Monday, July 31, 2017

How to Install Security Door Vinyl Door Sweep to Stop Flies

Fig.1 Door Seal
By Gary Boutin

Part and Supplies:
Measurement tape
Plastic door strips (6)

Willie is a postal employee that travels 360 days a year, and has little time to work on his century old studio cottage in downtown Chino, California. Willey called my repair service for a small job. He wanted to stop the Chino flies from entering his cottage when the door was opened. Presently the flies were entering from the sides of his security door. He wanted a solution and this post addresses his problem.

This post shows the five steps on how to apply white vinyl door sweeps to a security door to stop flies from invading his cottage.

Step 1: Fig.1
through fig.4 shows the vinyl door sweeps. These can be obtained from your local warehouse store. These were purchase from The Home Depot. Fig.2 shows the application direction on how to apply this vinyl door sweep. Just cut to your door requirements and peel back the paper tape and expose the yellow glue and install it on the door. Fig.3 shows the tools needed to cut the vinyl sweep, ordinary scissors will do the job. Fig.4 shows one of the tool is a measurement tape.
Fig.2 Directions
Fig.3 Scissors, pencil and tape
Fig.4 Tape measure to size the sweeps
 Step 2: Fig.5
and fig.6 shows the existing metal framework for the security door.
Fig.5 Lock side
Fig.6 Left side
Step 3: Fig.7
through fig.14 shows the progression of installing one side of the sweeps on the metal security door frame. Fig.7 shows the top of the door. This is the first vinyl sweep that is placed into metal frame. Fig.8 and fig.9 shows the second door seal is applied at the top of the door frame.  Fig.10 and fig.11 shows the middle of the door frame and the next piece is applied. Fig.12 through fig.14 shows the bottom strip is measured and applied to the bottom of the metal security door frame.
Fig.7 Top sweep installed
Fig.8 Right door 
frame top sweep
Fig.9 top strip adhere 
to metal frame

Fig.10 Lower door 
sweep installed
Fig.11 Sweep pushed
into metal frame
Fig.12 Bottom six inches
Fig.13 New strip added
Fig.14 Bottom strip done
Step 4: Fig.17 through fig.21 shows the metal door frame that is attached to the wood frame to completion around the metal tab. Fig.17 shows the metal tab. Fig.18 and fig.19 shows
the vinyl strip that is cut to fit around the metal tab. Fig.20 and fig.21 shows the installation of the cut around the metal tab. This needed to be done six time around the door.
Fig.17 Metal door 
frame tab
Fig.18 Cutting strip
Fig.19 Cut and ready to install
Fig.20 Placing around
metal tab
Fig.21 Installing around tab
Step 5:  Fig.22 and fig.23 shows the vinyl strip have been applied to the metal door edges and to the bottom of the screen door. 
Fig.22 Vinyl trim finished
Fig.23 Door bottom trim finished

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