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Semiyearly Maintenance on Goodman Air Conditioning Unit

SemiYearly Goodman Air Conditioner Maintenance
Fig.1 AC Unit
By Gary Boutin

Supplies and Tools:
Box-size screwdriver
Water hose 

Air conditioning maintenance needs to be done every six months (semiyearly) usually by a service technician. You need to be comfortable with electric power, with removing a circuit breaker, or turning off a circuit breaker switch. If you are not, you can read this in-service but skip these steps and let a professional do the work. Then this is your chance to save about $80 on this maintenance procedure.

This post shows the fourteen steps to maintain an air conditioning system.

Step 1: The first and most critical step is finding the location of the circuit breaker. Once located, the power needs to be turned off, then the maintenance service starts. If you cannot find it or it is not located on the side of the unit, the next step is to find the electric panel. Some air conditioner power breakers are found in these boxes. Some electric panels can be inside your home or outside the garage. Above fig.1 shows the Goodman Air conditioner. 

Step 2: Fig.2 below shows the breaker box closed. On this model the circuit breaker is located on the wall behind the air conditioner.
This is a circuit breaker, turn off in the house
Fig.2 Fuse Box
Step 3: Fig.3 shows the removable breaker on top of the box.
Not all units are alike but this one has a pull out breaker
Fig.3 Pull fuse
Step 4: Fig.4 shows the breaker pulled out of the metal unit.
Put the circuit breaker on top of the box so its there when you need it.
Fig.4 Fuse on top of box
Step 5: Fig.5 shows the use a box size screwdriver to remove the screws from the top of the unit.
Find the correct size box screwdriver
Fig.5 Remove first screw
Step 6: Fig.6 shows the screws removed. Now look at the top and the sides of the air conditioner metal panels. There are several metal pan head screws that attach the top to the bottom of the unit.
For this picture the screwdriver and bolts are on top of the AC unit
Fig.6  Boxed driver 
Step 7: Fig.7 shows that after the screws are removed, the top must be lifted off the sides. Some manuals describe the fan screws should also be removed. In these instructions the top fan is left in place, in an effort to save time by not removing the fan from the top of the unit. 
Here is the area you can clean easily
Fig.7 Inside A/C unit
Step 8: Now is a good time to look inside the A/C unit, see the compressor, it's in the middle, now is a good time to remove any rodents. Leaves or other items the wind might have blown into this area need to be removed.
Step 9: Notice the coil fig.8 through fig.10 shows along the side of the air conditioner. The purpose of this maintenance is to rid this area of dirt and leaves that may be trapped in these coils.
Spray this area with a water hose
Fig.8 Fins
Spary water into the metal edges to get rid of the bugs
Fig.9 Edge view
Get all the junk out including spider webs, flies and dirt
Fig.10 Corner view
Step 10: Fig.10 shows the top of the fan unit is still supported using two broom handles. This is one way to raise the cover out of the work area. These brooms will put pressure on the bottom and the poles will keep the fan unit out of the way.
Use two brooms to keep the top away from cleaning area.
Fig.11 Brooms holding fan top
Step 11:  Fig.12 and fig.13 shows the top is out of the way, a portable vacuum cleaner is used to remove dust and dirt within the unit. Notice the bugs and the dirt on the sides in of the unit. This is what needs to be removed, these bugs could block the air flow around the metal coils. This picture shows how the spiders and bugs made a nice new home here. This is soon to change.
Use a portable vacuum to help remove the bugs and spider webs
Fig.12 Vacuuming
Vacuum all around the unit to remove bugs and dirt
Fig.13 Side Vacuum
Step 12: Below in fig.14 and fig.15 shows a water hose with a strong jet spray is used to really force the bugs and dirt out of the fins and base. Be careful not to damage the metal coils.  
Be carefull not to damage the metal foil walls of the unit
Fig.14 Wash inside
The unit is open all the time so lets get the dirt out
Fig.15 Wash compressor
Step 13: Now all that needs to be done is remove the brooms, re-install the sides to the top, re-attach the top of the fan to the sides of the air conditioner. Use the same nut driver to return the screws back into their holes. Fig 16 through fig.18 shows the fan top has been replaced in its normal position. Once done, re-insert the breaker switch and turn on the air conditioner to test that it in working order.
Step 14: After the test, the air conditioner unit in running and the reward is knowing the unit will run efficiently, less noisily and that the job was done right.
Check the unit and make surre it correct
Fig.16 Side view

When the top is placed back on place the fan in the correct location
Fig.17 Fan view
Just regular maintenance will save you money in the years to come
Fig.18 Front view

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    1. Gary,
      Our unit is an Amana Brand (made by Goodman)and this procedure will be of help when our free one year service runs out (we bought it new last year in October). Thanks for putting this out there, it's very helpful.

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